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Meet Dr. Jen

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All Minds Math

Certified Math Educator

Mom, Activist,
Country Dancer, 

S2C Practitioner

Dr. Jen Leon holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education with an emphasis in Instructional Technology and an M.S. in Mathematics. In addition to providing a wide range of direct services to students, families, and professionals as founder of All Minds Math, LLC., Dr. Jen is also a certified high school math teacher and a registered Spelling to Communicate practitioner.  

Dr. Jen has extensive experience teaching mathematics, primarily at the high school level, but also to elementary and middle school students as well as to adults. She taught at The Paideia School in Atlanta, GA for nearly 20 years where she also sponsored the Amnesty International club, Girl's Tech and Robotics club, and the Neurodiversity club. She taught at Georgia State University and Agnes Scott College as well.

Dr. Jen is a passionate advocate for the neurodiverse community. Becoming a parent to an amazing, autistic child inspired her to expand her work to include both neurotypical and neuroatypical students. In addition to an extensive background working with typically developing students, she also has years of experience teaching math to students with neuro-developmental differences including autism and ADHD and to students with learning disabilities including, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and dyslexia.

Dr. Jen is skilled in using alternative communication techniques to support students who are unreliably speaking or non-speaking. She developed a full high school math curriculum and mathematical communication tools specifically designed for her students. Dr. Jen has taught STEM for The Hirsch Academy in Decatur, GA and currently teaches high school math for Invictus Academy in Tampa Bay, Florida and Financial Management for New Connections School of Atlanta. Most recently, Dr. Jen has enjoyed supporting spellers navigating college, including admissions, placement testing, and course work.

Dr. Jen believes ALL of her students are capable and competent. She uses a relational approach, aiming first to connect with her students and establish trust. She is adaptable in her methods and willing to work with students in whatever way serves them best on that particular day, in that particular moment. When necessary, she has been known to teach while pacing around the neighborhood, riding in the backseat of a car, passing notes back and forth under a door or a blanket, as well as in more traditional ways.

As a parent, Dr. Jen understands that teachers, therapists, and other professionals come in and out of your life. It can be exhausting repeatedly getting each new person up to speed. Dr. Jen considers each of her students a student for life. She is committed to finding the best way to support each student and family for the long haul and considers it both a joy and honor to be a part of this journey. While math is the primary focus of Dr. Jen’s services, she will go above and beyond to connect with and advocate for each and every student and their family.

Curriculum Developer

College Consultant/Support

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