Meet Dr. Jen


All Minds Math, LLC.

Dr. Jen Leon holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education with an emphasis in Instructional Technology and an M.S. in Mathematics. In addition to providing a wide range of direct services to students, families, and professionals as founder of All Minds Math, LLC., Dr. Jen is also a certified high school math teacher at The Paideia School in Atlanta, GA. There, she also serves as faculty sponsor to Amnesty International, Neurodiveristy, and Girl's Tech/Robotics clubs. 

Dr. Jen has more than twenty years of experience teaching mathematics, primarily at the high school level, but also to elementary and middle school students as well as to adults. Dr. Jen is a passionate advocate for the neurodiverse community. Becoming a parent to an amazing, autistic child inspired her to expand her work to include both neurotypical and neuroatypical students. In addition to an extensive background working with typically developing students, she also has years of experience teaching math to students with neuro-developmental differences including autism and ADHD and to students with learning disabilities including, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and dyslexia. 

Dr. Jen has experience using alternative communication techniques to support students who are unreliably speaking or non-speaking. She has developed a mathematical tool that facilitates alternative communication utilizing an extensive library of high-level mathematical symbols printed on tiles that students can point at during math lessons to convey mathematical thinking. 

Dr. Jen believes ALL of her students are capable and competent. She uses a relational approach, aiming first to connect with her students and establish trust. She is adaptable in her methods and willing to work with students in whatever way serves them best on that particular day, in that particular moment. When necessary, she has been known to teach while pacing around the neighborhood, riding in the backseat of a car, passing notes back and forth under a door or a blanket, as well as in more traditional ways.

Certified HS Math Teacher

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