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Students in Action!

Ashish J. Showing how to use DESMOS calculator shortcuts to resize a graphing window and solve an equation by graphing. 

"My brain can see numbers floating all over the universe converging to infinity...Doing complex math is very satisfactory to my brain.

The math classes make me feel elated and give me lovely emotions like optimism and personal satisfaction. 

Math gives all kids, times of immense satisfaction."

-R.J. 16 years old, Calculus II

"Most of my life numbers would talk to me. The numbers are interposed in the world sort of like forces going on behind the scenes...Really, the entire world is numbers orchestrating power. Good power finds numbers and equations that prove themselves true. 

When I met with Jen, losing the battle of creating these equations myself was lifted. Not only was that work with Jen the long awaited proof of my purpose, it showed others how brilliant I am. 


Start to work with numbers to show the world how smart we are."


-H.G. 23 years old, Advanced Calculus and Statistics 

"I find some patterns in the things around us easily, I think. It’s not that I knew it already. I only just now learned it officially. It’s that the pattern was already there to see.

Math is easy because it’s simply there. It’s not new to learn like other subjects

So excited (to learn math)!"

-A.K. 12 years old, Algebra 2

"No real way to explain the difficulty experienced by everyday life. 

What's easiest to do is to find math problems to solve everywhere, regulating my senses and mind."

Jared, 17 years old, Precalculus


"I plan to be a math whiz and a gamer.

I think math. Such joy, peace."

-Olivia, 11 years old, Algebra 2

"I like all kinds of math. Math is fun to me. The reason everyone should have access to learning math is to be able to live life to their fullest."

-Student, 17 years, Geometry

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"Doing math is soothing to me." 

-Arjun, 16 years old, Precalculus

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"Many do not see numbers the way I do. Math makes me feel like I can have intelligent conversations using language average people are unable to follow."


"Hard math lights up areas in my brain that would otherwise remain in the dark and waste away."

-Elise, 19 years old, Advanced Probability and Statistics

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