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& Test Proctoring

Tutoring & Test Proctoring

  • For students currently enrolled in a school program.

  • Tutoring (virtual or in person)

  • CRP for Testing including college

  • Test prep/review  including SAT, ACT, GRE, EOC's, etc.

Custom Instruction

Custom Instruction

Individualized programs for students seeking math instruction/enrichment who are not currently receiving it through a school program.

Virtual or in person


Group Learning

For students wishing to interact with peers in a math learning environment, inquire about the possibility of a group format. 

Virtual and limited in person

Camps & Workshops

Camps and Workshops

Math and STEAM - themed workshops and camps for small groups. Past topics include robotics/coding, financial literacy, forensics, physics of superheroes, and flight. Click on the arrow below to see current offerings. 

Presentations & Webinars

Presentations & Webinars

Dr. Jen would love to speak at your professional or community event, seminar/webinar, or conference.



Teacher, parent, educator, and communication partner trainings for those seeking support with math review and/or technology training (graphing calculator - handheld, app, or online, Geogebra, Excel, etc.)

School Consulting

School Consultations

Program evaluations, curriculum development, goal setting for specific students (for IEP or otherwise), teacher  training/mentorship, and more.



Comprehensive evaluations to serve as evidence for accommodation requests (IEP or otherwise), course placements recommendations, and general information for various decision-making. 

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