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SPELLER - FRIENDLY Math Curriculum

As of July, 2023, All Minds Math Curriculum will now be offered through ALL MINDS ACADEMY a full online high school program for students who communicate through spelling and typing.  

Created with love and a presumption of competence by certified and seasoned mathematics educator, practitioner, and parent, Dr. Jen Leon, this one-of-a-kind math curriculum was designed especially for students who communicate by spelling and typing and their communication/regulation partner (CRP). Each course covers all of the essential concepts in a standard math curriculum, crisply and concisely with just the right amount of practice, avoiding redundancy that can bore and dysregulate fast learners and complex thinkers. It is meant to feed the brain and lay a cohesive and comprehensive math foundation appropriate for students wishing to pursue higher education or for anyone who just loves learning math!

Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics

Each course comes with approximately 44 lessons with notes outline, speller-friendly exercises, and answers. 
Three versions offered, subject to availability.
  • Asynchronous + Consults 
  • Live, Virtual
  • Live, In Person


"Dr. Jen. It has been an absolute pleasure working through this Algebra course. I have learned so much and am famished for more. Point me in the direction of your next course, and let's get the party started. I wasn't kidding when I said I want to learn Calculus someday when you feel I'm ready. Math is such a source of ecstacy! Numbers stay the same when everything else is unpredictable and subject to change. I am so grateful for your tutelage and guidance.


Your friend, Geoff " (Asynchronous +)


"Jen is a perfect fit for my daughter. Her tutoring sessions are always engaging and my daughter enjoys them immensely. My daughter is on the autism spectrum and has ADHD, so it’s challenging to get her to focus, especially in an area where she struggles, like math. Math at school makes her very anxious, but Jen is able to find creative ways to make it accessible, understandable, and fun. She’s even helped my husband and I since we are both challenged in this area!"​

- Parent, 16 year old student, Live In Person

"One of the first things our son communicated to us using the letter board was to be challenged more in math and science.  We found Dr. Jen’s All Minds Math and are using her online class.  Her lessons are easy to understand and engaging by giving examples of everyday uses for the topic we are learning.  

Dr. Jen’s program is perfect for neurodiverse students needing support to complete math classes.  It is wonderful to have classes set up for letter board spellers.  I look forward to working on the weekly math lesson with our son.  His smiles tell it all…he is having a great fun completing his lessons while showing us how “math smart” he truly is. "

Parent - 20 year old, Asynchronous +

 Contact Dr. Jen for additional details and to set up a FREE initial consultation. 

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